Smart Wiring Rooms & Zones


As more devices and digital media come on the market, we’ve seen a huge demand for Smart Wiring, which involves setting up devices and streaming independently for different locations, rooms and zones throughout the house.

A smart wired system turns your home into a smart house by allowing different devices to be connected around the house. Some common devices used for smart-wiring include:

  • Telephone systems
  • Data (computer networking, printers, wireless routers and switches)
  • TV & DVD (analogue/UFH, digital TV, satellite TV services and on-demand video streaming)
  • Media, gaming & servers
  • Cameras &┬ásecurity

Smart wiring is one of our specialist services that’s become extremely popular because of its usefulness to families. Please contact us to see how we can help – we’ll visit your home and tell you exactly what you need.

We wanted to have different devices and TV, Sky and Playstation playing independently throughout our house. TV Solutions got it all done so we no longer have to fight each other for the remote!