TV & Audio Pre-Wiring


If you are building or renovating, you’ll need to start looking at your audio and visual needs and running the cables. We provide a pre-wiring service for all your audio, phone and theatre devices, running all the cables before the walls are finished. After this once your home is ready, we will return to do the final fit off. All your wires and cables will be nicely hidden in the ceiling or walls so you don’t have to worry about loose ends.

We ensure not only that your entertainment needs are covered, but we also help you consider your future TV, audio and theatre needs and what may be required. We’re big believers in doing it right the first time, which means long-term money savings at your end.

If you require a pre-wire in your building, contact us today for a free quote.

TV Solutions pre-wired all my audio, visual and tech devices before our builders came in, they did a great job and saved us so much hassle.